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Escort Quest horse-drawn carriage going past the gates in Castia Corridor.


This event consists of completing the "Escort Quest" issued to your character by Cecilia in Castia Corridor. You must be a member of a guild to accept this quest and you are granted 3 attempts per day. Once the quest begins, your character transforms into a horse-drawn carriage that delivers supplies from Cecilia in Castia Corridor to Nadilus in Olivia.

Event DetailsEdit

"News from the front lines! Our troops are in need of greater supplies. The Guild needs you to escort the precious cargo! Find Cecilia in Castia Corridor to accept the Escort quest."

A 60 minute escort bonus is granted 3 times a day (at 6 hours intervals).

Event Server Time:

  • 00:00-24:00 (the Escort Quest can be done at any time during the day.)

Escort Quest DetailsEdit

(Also see the screenshots in the Gallery below for more information.)

  • Quest Issuer NPC: Cecilia (in Castia Corridor)


  • Allotted Time: 20 minutes.
  • Approximate Quest Duration: 10 minutes (by turning on auto-path at the beginning of the quest.)


Vehicule Type Cost
Regular Cart 50,000 coins
Fine Cart 100,000 coins
Luxury Cart 200,000 coins
Exquisite Cart 300,000 coins
King's Cart 100 cash



If your cart gets hijacked (attacked by another player) or you exceed the time limit of 20 minutes or get disconnected, insurrance will guarantee that you will receive a percentage of all quests rewards according to the type you choose.

Type Cost Guarantee
Basic Insurrance 0 10%
Good Insurrance 150,000 coins 30%
Premium Insurrance 20 cash 80%

Escort Quest RewardsEdit

The quest ends once you speak to Nadilus in Olivia and press "Complete". By completng this quests, your guild receives a certain amount of the guild material you selected (Wood, Minerals or Leather), Character EXP, Guild reputation and Battle Points (BP). The guild materials you receive are needed to upgrade buildings in the Guild Camp.

Vehicule Type EXP [Materials] Rep BP
Regular Cart 12,675 12 6 8
Fine Cart 24,500 20 10 18
Luxury Cart 29,575 20 12 21
Exquisite Cart 38,025 30 15 35
King's Cart 106, 625 40 20 250


Escort Bonus RewardsEdit

If you accept the quest during the Escort Bonus period, you (and your guild, when applicable) will receive an extra 20% of all quest rewards (Character EXP, Guild materials, Guild reputation and Battle Points). The bonus rewards will be reflected in the quest toolbar at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Remember that the Escort Bonus period occurs 3 times during the day and lasts 1 hour. A message appears in the middle of the screen when the escort bonus is about to begin and when it ends.

Screenshots GalleryEdit

  • Note: When "Nadia" or "Nastia" is mentioned in the screenshots below, it actually refers to NPC "Nadilus" in Olivia.