Abandoned Cellar

Map of Abandoned Cellar

Abandoned Cellar dungeon your character can enter at level 30.
You can access this instance 5 times a day regulary.
There are 2 bosses - Roderick and Madelyn.

Dungeon AccessEdit

If u want to solo this dungeon, talk to Niki in Arbor Valley (x:256 y:49).
If u want to go with a group, you can open the Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

Select one of 4 difficulties: Easy, HardElite or Heroic. The Heroic difficulty is only available to characters that are level 70 and above.

Loot by GradeEdit

The following items drops on a random basis from the two bosses in this dungeon on Easy, Hard or Elite difficulty. The quality and the amount of the items dropped increases with the difficulty.

Easy/Hard/Elite DifficultyEdit

Grade B Items

  • "Gale" armor pieces (Knight)
  • "Nymph" armor pieces (Hunter)
  • "Chaos" armor pieces (Mage)
  • "Ruler's" armor pieces (Priest)
  • Lv 35 accessories: Void Ring

Grade A ItemsEdit

  • Shattersoul armor pieces or Suppressor's Set blueprints (Knight)
  • Tiger armor pieces or Rebel's Set blueprints (Hunter)
  • Disintegration armor pieces or Conjurer's Sigils blueprints (Mage)
  • Archon armor pieces or Dusk Set blueprints(Priest)
  • Lv 35 accessories: Wild Rose Pendant, Shadow Ring (all classes)

Misc ItemsEdit

  • Bag of Coins I (1,000 coins)
  • Bag of Coins II (5,000 coins)

Heroic DificultyEdit

Lvl 70 Blueprint MaterialsEdit

  • Arcane Pendant
  • Dirty Armor
  • Dull Earrings
  • Elven Hair
  • Exquisite Cloth
  • Magic Flute
  • Magic Harp
  • Slender Bone
  • Dark Crystal
  • Sage's Soulstone (from boss)


  • Undead Belt [Knight]
  • Windchaser Belt [Hunter]
  • Dimension Sash [Mage]
  • Timerift Sash [Priest]

Lv 70 Set Blueprints (Feet slot)Edit

  • Ironwill Boots [Knight]
  • Skyshadow Boots [Hunter]
  • Soulmate Sandals [Mage]
  • Immortal Sandals [Priest]


  • 1-star Harpy pet satchel (unbound item)
  • Transmutation Stone I (from dungeon bosses)