Alchemy Lab Screen Location
To access the Alchemy Lab window, press the gold ore icon in the top right corner of the screen.

[Alchemy Guide]

You will be able to own an Alchemy Lab once you have proven yourself (by reaching level 25). From the Alchemy Lab, you will be able to transmute many interesting items with careful precision. Familiarize yourself with the Alchemy Guide to prevent unneccessary losses!


1. Based on your current abilities (level), you are able to create EXP Elixirs, Gold Ore and Warsong Crystals which grant you EXP, coins and Battle Points.

2. Click Transmute to select materials based on the formulas.

3. Move the materials to the Cauldron and await the results.


Transmuting View

Transmuted View Material (Grades) Transumation Duration Cost Harvest Amount
Transmuting Gold Ore
Gold Ore
Gold Ore (I/II/III/IV) 1/4/10/24 hours 150/600/1500/3600 coins

1500/6000/15000/36000 coins

Transmuting EXP Elixir
EXP Elixir
EXP Elixir (I/II/III/IV) 1/4/10/24 hours 150/600/1500/3600 coins 1000/4000/10000/24000 EXP
Transmuting Warsong Crystal
Warsong Crystal
Warsong Crystal (III/IV) 10/24 hours 1500/3600 coins 10/20 BP


1. Selecting different grades of materials will consume different amounts of coins. The better the materials, the longer the transmutation process will take.

2. More Cauldrons will be available to you as your character levels up.

3. Collect your transmuted product immediately to prevent other players from stealing it.

4. Stealing from a Cauldron in another player's Alchemy Lab consumes 2 Action Points.

5. You will gain more AP as your character level progresses. 5 AP will be regained every hour.

Careful about stealing from other people's Alchemy Labs. Your Guild may have a no-steal policy. This means you can be kicked from the guild if you steal from your guildmates' Alchemy Labs.

Level Requirements
Level Number of Cauldrons Number of Action Points
25 4 40
40 6 60
50 8 80
60 10 100
70 12 120