The sheer size of the Astral Realm makes exploration of it almost impossible. Its secrets are unknown to even its Guard.


Server Time: 00:00-24:00 (can be completed at any time)

Daily Attempts: 3

This is a solo event, you cannot complete this event with other team members

Note: Entering the Astral Realm once a day earns you 10 Activity Points in the Activity Rewards tab of the Login Rewards Interface.

Event AccessEdit

To participate in the Astral Trials, speak to the Astral Guardian in Forrester City.

Astral Level InformationEdit

There are 20 levels to the Astral Realm. Bosses appear every 5 levels.

Levels 1 to 5: the monsters will not attack you until you attack them.

Level 6 to 20: the monsters are mini-bosses that will attack you without provocation.

Levels 1 to 4 and Levels 6 to 9 have 20 monsters. Time limit: 10 minutes.

Levels 16 to 19 have 30 monsters. Time limit: 10 minutes.

Levels 5, 10 and 15 have 20 monsters and a boss (total: 21 monsters). Time limit: 15 minutes.

Level 20 has 25 monsters and a boss (total: 26 monsters). Time limit: 15 minutes.

Note: See Gallery below for screenshots of boss levels.

Astral Realm BossesEdit

Astral Level Boss Name Boss Level HP Loot
5 Witch Queen 35 65,600
  • 5 runestones
  • Bag of Coins III
  • Level 40 equipment
10 Ghost Bear 45 113,600
  • 10 runestones
  • Bags of Coins III
  • Level 50 equipment
15 Ghost Seer 60 160,000
  • 15 runestones
  • Bags of Coins IV
  • Level 60 equipment
20 Ghost Elder 70 240,000
  • 20 runestones
  • Bags of Coins III
  • Bags of Coins V
  • Eye of Enlightenment
  • Mount Catalyst
  • Guild Supplies
  • Level 70 equipment
  • Level 1 Lucky rune
  • Guardian fragment

Note: Drops list may not be complete, please add to it if you know of other drops and the amount of drops (one of each type? 4 items only? etc.)


The most common rewards in the Astral Trials are runestones: you get one each time you kill a regular monster or semi-boss (not Bosses though). One complete Astral Trials run will give you 500 runestones.

There are some equipment and "bag of coins" drops but they are sparse as only the bosses drop them. The final boss drops 1 useful unbound item such as Eye of Enlightenment or Mount Catalyst.