Class Icon Cleric
The Cleric class is one of two transcendence classes available to a Priest at level 70.

Once this transcendence class is chosen, a character can choose to specialize in the other transcendance class at any time for 100 cash from the "Skills" menu (shortkey: J).

Transcending into a Cleric offers more survivability / defensive skills as opposed to an Inquisitor which provides more damage output and debuffs that are useful for PvP. Which class is better suited for Warrior's Trials is a subject of debate.

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Class Details: Advance to Cleric to increase DEF by 15%, MDEF by 15% and Max HP by 15%.

New Skills: [Manifesto], [Angel Touch] & [Divine Intervention].

New SkillsEdit

Note: Special thanks go to player [S29]PrAyEr for the rune descriptions!

Area Of Effect SkillsEdit

Icon Manifesto
Invokes the power of Heaven to burn any enemies in the area and daze them for 2 seconds. Any friendly targets will receive a healing effect lasting for 5 seconds.
MP Cost: 350 MP
Cooldown Time: 20 seconds
Casting Range: 500
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>

Increases Daze effect by 1 second and healing effects cancelled.

FelonyCauses the skill to have a burst effect but it will only daze for 1 second 
RemedyReduces cooldown by 5 seconds. Cleric gains 10% Max HP when it's cast.

Single-Target SkillsEdit

 [Angel Touch] 
Icon AngelTouch
The Cleric summons the power of the angels, removing all debuffs and providing a 5 second immunity to all status effects.
MP Cost: 500 MP
Cooldown Time: 45 seconds
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>

Reduces DMG by 50% for 5 seconds.

SpeedIncreases Movement Speed by 50% and healing effect by 25% for 8 seconds.

Resets all cooldowns.
(doesn't remove debuffs and cooldowns of skills that cannot be reset)

Defensive SkillsEdit

 [Divine Intervention] 
Icon DivineIntervention
Summons the power of the divine to protect you and your team, absorbing damage up to 50% of max HP.
Effect Duration: 15 seconds
MP Cost: 750 MP
Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>

Increases DEF and MDEF for all team members by 25%.
(still absorbs damage up to 50% of max HP.)

AbsorbDamage absorbed increases caster's HP to 80% of the angel.
FreezeReduces (skill's) cooldown by 25 seconds and increases skill effect by 5 seconds.