Crusader Skills
Class Icon Crusader2
The Crusader class is one of two transcendence classes available to a Knight at level 70. 

Once this transcendance class is chosen, a character can choose to specialize in the other transcendance class at any time for 100 cash from the "Skills" menu (shortkey: J)

Transcending into a Crusader offers higher maximum HP and more survivability as opposed to Berserker which provides more damage output.

Class Details: Advance to Crusader to increase Max HP by 40%

New Skills: [Trample], [Fatal Throw] & [Spirit Guardian].

New SkillsEdit

Area Of Effect SkillEdit

Icon Trample
 [Trample] Magical
Slams the ground, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
MP Cost: 85 MP
Cooldown Time: 15 secs
 Rune effects >>>
Icon Trample Shout

Recovers 5% Max HP and grants critical strike immunity for 3 secs.
Consumes 3 runes.

Icon Trample Push
PushKnocks back all enemies by 300 units and instantly resets the cooldown of the Charge skill.
Consumes 3 runes.
Icon Trample Scatter
ScatterIncreases range by 200 and inflicts Dazed for 2 secs.
Consumes 3 runes.

Single-Target SkillEdit

Icon Fatal Throw
 [Fatal Throw]  Magical
Tosses an axe at the target , dealing massive damage and aggro.
MP Cost: 50 MP
Cooldown Time: 10 secs
Casting Range: 600
 Rune effects >>>
Icon Fatal Throw Shock
ShockReduces target's Movement Speed by 70% for 5 secs. 
Consumes 3 runes.
Icon Fatal Throw Cleave
CleaveReduces target's DMG by 30% for 5 secs. 
Consumes 3 runes.
Icon Fatal Throw Suppress
SuppressReduces target's HP Regen by 90% for 5 secs.
Consumes 3 runes.

Summon SkillEdit

Icon Spirit Guardian
 [Spirit Guardian] Magical
Summon a Spirit Guardian to aid you in battle for 15 secs.
MP Cost: 100 MP
Cooldown Time: 40 secs
 Rune effects >>>
Icon Spirit Guardian Shield
ShieldWhen a Spirit is summoned, removes all debuffs and when Spirit Guardian is in effect, reduces all damage taken by 40%. 
Consumes 3 runes.
Icon Spirit Guardian Steadfast
SteadfastIncreases duration of Spirit Guardian by 10 secs and recovers 2% HP/sec for Crusaders while the Spirit is present. 
Consumes 3 runes.
Icon Spirit Guardian Bless
BlessWhile Spirit Guardian is active, every 1% of HP lost increases the Crusader's DEF, MDEF and ATK by 1%, as well as Movement Speed by 80%. 
Consumes 3 runes.