There are different currencies in Wings of Destiny, each allowing you to buy certain items or unlock special features, etc.

This page should help you understand what you can obtain in the game according to the amount and type of currencies you have.


Battle Points (BP)

Obtained through the Alchemy Lab , Deathmatch Arena, Arena, Glory Fortress , Realm Arena and Server/Cross-Server Colliseums. They can they used to increase your faith badge level and to buy items from the Arena Mall, etc.

Blessing Points  A resource exclusively obtained through the "Summon" feature. It has 2 uses: to buy pets or pet-related items at the Pet Shop and to upgrade a pet's Talent levels.
Cash Cash is bought by various payment methods (by credit card, PayPal, Facebook credits, etc) or is given free by completing special offers. Cash is used to buy various items at the Mall, Arena Mall or the Mysterious Shop as well as with different features of the game, such as Pet Summon features, reforging equipment, drawing cards, buying coupons for IGG events, etc. (For more info, visit the IGG website)
Celestial Stones An in-game currency used for purchasing items in the Celestial Mall.  They can be obtained by participating in in-game events like Warrior's Trial and Derby Race. Unlike other currencies like coins, cash or vouchers, Celestial Stones are inventory items that can be kept in your Bag or Warehouse.
Coins The main currency of WoD. It is used to buy items at NPC shops in towns/cities, at the Auction (I) or at the Mysterious Shop (X). Coins are also used in many features of the game: to fuse cards or gems, to enhance/train pets, to enhance armor, etc.
Pet Exp Obtained through pet summoning. You can apply stored Pet EXP to a pet of your chosing by pressing the small "+" icon next at the "Attributes" tab. Pet EXP is also gained by completing quests or by killing creatures when a pet is summoned but this type of Pet EXP cannot be stored.
Reputation Acquired by completing Guild Admin quests and the Escort Quest. Can be used at the Guild Shop/Workshop (Guild menu > Buildings > Workshop) to buy several items such as Grade C blueprint materials by level, transmutation stones, eyes of enlightenment, etc.
Soul Credits Obtained by drawing souls at the Souls interface . Can be used at a special shop within the Draw menu to buy Grade A, S or SS souls.
Vouchers Obtained through the Soul Tarot interface, through various IGG website events as a reward of Riona's chests at lower levels. They are used to buy low level mounts, pets and other items sold at the Mall and Arena Mall.
Icon Emerald
Slot gems Obtained throught the Lucky Slots feature. Can be used to buy gems, pets, mounts, and other common items.
Icon GradeC Pet Shard
Shards Shards are obtained from Pet Merchant events: Pet Island and Mount Island. They can be fused at the "enhance" menu (hotkey: 9) > "Fuse" tab to create pets or mounts.