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As the name says - these quests can be done on a daily basis. Usually each NPC has its own set of these quests and they vary from killing beasts, through collecting/buying certain items and delivering messages to other NPC's. 

Some quest can be done an infinite amount of times, others - a specific number of times a day.

Note: By doing 10 daily quests (any daily quest except the guild ones), you earn 5 Activity Points in the Activity Reawrd tab of the Login Rewards Interface. By completing 5 Guild quests, you also earn 5 AP.

List of Daily QuestsEdit

Here is the list of NPC's that can provide daily quests:


NPC Coordinates Quest Name Quest Lvl Daily Limit
Geraldine x:260 y: 230 34 5 times


NPC Coordinates Quest Name Quest Lvl Daily Limit
Guard Captain x:138 y: 173 [The Deadliest Hunt] 30 5 times
Vincent x: 190 y: 90 [Royal Duty] 33


Herman the Guard

x: 213 y: 165 [The Game] 10 to 50 Once
Holy Emissary x: 188 y: 167 [Free EXP] 20 Once
Guild Admin x: 199 y: 172 Quest Names vary. They depend on the task you are given. [Guild Dungeon] [Guild Materials] [Guild Communications] In a Guild, any level

10 times

Note: There are 3 type of [Royal Duty] quests. They all have static rewards. 1 - Talk to a NPC (Rewards: 1,000 coins; 4,000 exp). 2 - Kill 50 monsters (Rewards: 5,000 coins; 11,000 exp). 3 - Kill 200 monsters (Rewards: 5,000 coins; 40,000 exp).

(list is still not complete!)