Eternal Astral Realm is a dungeon your character can enter at level 70 and above.
You can access this instance 5 times a day (or more, according to your STAR level.)

There is only 1 boss: Elder Kellas.

Dungeon DetailsEdit

Maps Eternal Astral Realm

Eternal Astral Realms - Map


The last refuge of the Elves, now only the elders reside in this place.

Server TimeEdit

00:00-24:00 (can be entered at any time)

Dungeon AccessEdit

If you want to solo, talk to Sage (location X:165, Y: 164) in Jade Sanctuary.
If you want to go with a group, you can open Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

Select one of 4 difficulties: EasyHardElite or Heroic.



  • All Lv 1 gems (excluding the newest attribute gems such as Aquamarine (INT +13), Diamond (VIT +4), Jade (DEX +13), etc.)


  • Undead equipment pieces [Knight]
  • Windchaser equipment pieces [Hunter]
  • Dimension equipment [Mage]
  • Timerift equipment [Priest]

Lvl 70 Blueprint MaterialsEdit

  • Arcane Pendant
  • Dirty Armor
  • Dull Earrings
  • Elven Hair
  • Exquisite Cloth
  • Magic Flute
  • Magic Harp
  • Slender Bone
  • Dark Crystal
  • Sage's Soulstone (from boss)

Lv 70 Set Blueprints (Main Weapon slot)Edit

(From Elder Kellas on Heroic difficulty only)

  • Ironwill Sword [Knight]
  • Skyshadow Bow [Hunter]
  • Soulmate Staff [Mage]
  • Immortal Scepter [Priest]


  • Transmutation Stone I (from Elder Kellas in Elite or Heroic difficulty only)