Hijacking a cart simply means attacking another player's Escort Quest cart. You cannot kill the player completely, only damage his cart to 1 HP. He will still be able to complete his Escort Quest and recover a portion of the rewards, depending on the insurrance quality of the cart.

You may only hijack players' carts 3 times per day to receive Reputation Points (RP). RP gain will be based on Cart and Insurrance quality. If no RP is gained, the hijack will not count against the limit.

Server Time: 00:00 - 24:00 (can be completed at any time.)

Related Achievements/TitlesEdit


  • Bandit: Hijack 10 Escort Quest Carts. Reward: 100 Battle Points (BP).
  • Highwayman: Hijack 50 Escort Quest Carts. Reward: 200 Battle Points (BP).
  • Train Robber: Hijack 500 Escort Quest Carts. Reward: 600 Battle Points (BP).


  • "Bandit" achievement is a requirement for the "Weaponmaester" title.
  • "Highwayman" achievement is a requirement of the "Heartseeker" title.
  • "Train Robber" achievement is a requirement for the "Child of Ares" title.

Tips and StrategyEdit

  • If a player has hijacked a cart, a "[System]" message is displayed in channel. So beware of retaliation from the player or his guild members...
  • If you want to complete the related achievements, it is possible to hijack the cart of a member of your own guild by activating Massacre mode.