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Female and Male hunters at the character creation screen.

Class Icon Hunter
The Hunter is swift, agile, and quick on the draw. Hunters are a skilled ranged class suitable for players who prefer from a distance. Able to specialize as either a Ranger or Stalker as the game progresses.

With superior field of vision, a Hunter's ranged abilities are key for many battles.

Renowned for their agility and accuracy, Hunters carefully end their target's existence with the quick draw of their arrow. The killing efficiency of the Hunter is near limitless as they can enchant their arrows with magic spells.

Hunter SkillsEdit

A skilled, ranged class. Compared to Mages, the Hunter has more control over enemy statuses but lacks survival techniques.

Single-Target SkillsEdit

Simple Shot
Simple Shot

Basic Attack of the Hunter.
Lv 1 (does not increase): Inflicts 75% physical damage.
Cooldown Time: none
No rune effects

Piercing Shot
Piercing Shot Takes a powerful shot at a target.
Lv 10: Deals 385 DMG +110% ATK.
MP Cost: 25 MP
Cooldown Time: 3 secs
Casting Range: 600
Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10) >>>
Piercing Shot-Penetrate
PenetrateReduces Target´s DEF by 15%.
Piercing Shot-Reload
ReloadReduces cooldown time by 1.5seconds.
Piercing Shot-Assault
AssaultIncreases DMG by 20%.
Concentrated Shot
Concentrated Shot Concentrates your energy into a powerful shot.
Lv 10: Deals 765 DMG + 127% ATK.
MP Cost: 37 MP
Cooldown Time: 1 second
Casting Range: 600
Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10) >>>
BurstCRIT. Cooldown - 4 seconds
SwellIncreases DMG by 20%. Casting time - 0.5 seconds.
HoneEach cast reduces cooldown for Implact Shot by 0.5 seconds.
Impact Shot
Impact Shot Knocks your opponent back with a forceful shot and inflicts Dazed.
Lv 10: Deals 270 DMG + 102% ATK.
MP Cost: 58 MP
Cooldown Time: 18 seconds
Casting Range: 600
Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10) >>>
SlamKnocks back target and deals 270 (+ 102% ATK) DMG and inflicts Stun for 1.5 seconds. Increases cooldown by 5 seconds.
ReloadReduces cooldown by 3 seconds.
GashReduces target's DMG by 25% and HP Regen by 50% for 6 seconds.

Area Of Effect SkillsEdit

Icon Cloud Splitting Arrows

Cloud-Splitting Arrow

Concentrates energy into an arrow that penetrates up to 5 enemies in a row.
Lv 10: Deals 235 (+ 80% ATK) DMG to each enemy hit and reduces MS by 50% for 5 seconds.
MP Cost: 57 MP
Cooldown Time: 15 seconds
Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 10) >>>
RecoilReduces cooldown by 3 seconds.
SlowReduces target MS by an additional 20%.
BoostIncreases DMG by 80% but does not reduce target MS.
Rain of Arrows
Rain of Arrows

Summons numerous arrows to fall on up to 8 enemies within target area.
Player must direct the attack for the duration of the effect.
Lv 10: Deals 415 DMG + 52% ATK every second for 3 seconds.
MP Cost: 56 MP
Cooldown Time: 1 second xxx

Casting Range: 600

Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 8) >>>
AutoThis skill no longer needs to be channelled but has a 3-second cooldown period.

Increases range by 200 and reduces target SPD by 15%.

InfiniteIncreases DMG by 50%.



Temporarily increases your Movement Speed.
Lv 7: Increases your Movement Speed by 48% for 8 seconds.
MP Cost: 32 MP
Cooldown Time: 80 seconds

Rune effects (available at Skill Lv 7) >>>
ClarityClears all Stun and Dazed debuffs.
HealWhen Escape is active, you will recover 4% Max HP every 2 seconds.
SprintReduces cooldown by 40 seconds.

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