Class Icon Inquisitor
The Inquisitor class is one of two transcendence classes available to a Priest at level 70.

Once this transcendence class is chosen, a character can choose to specialize in the other transcendence class at any time for 100 cash from the "Skills" menu (shortkey: J)

Transcending into an Inquisitor offers more damage output and debuffs that are useful for PvP as opposed to a Cleric which provides more survivability / defensive skills. Which class is better suited for Warrior's Trials is a subject of debate.

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Class Details: Advance to Inquisitor to increase MATK by 10% and Max HP by 10%.

New Skills: [Possess], [Spirit Waltz] & [Devil's Contract].

New SkillsEdit


Possess icon
Dark Magic deals damage to the target every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.
MP Cost: 120 MP
Cooldown Time: 1 second
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>

Causes a 15% chance for targets to fall into a dazed state lasting 1 second each time the target takes damage. Possess also causes damage in a radius of 300.

Draw25% of Possess' damage will heal the inquisitor.
DarknessCauses a 12 second Death Mark which removes 1 buff from the target every 3 seconds.


[Spirit Waltz]

Spirit Waltz

Activating the Spirit Waltz will cause you to lose 1% of your HP every second, and will damage up to 10 enemies within a 350 radius for the same amount every second.
(Click on the skill again to deactivate it)
MP Cost: (n/a)
Cooldown Time: 1 second
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
BloodyHealing on inquisitors will be reduced by 50% but skill damage dealt will be increased by 200%.
DestroyReduces target's movement speed by 15%, healing effect by 20%, damage dealt by 30%, and both physical and magical DEF by 10%.
Resonance30% of Spirit Waltz's damage will heal the Inquisito


[Devil's Contract]

Devils Contract

Use Devil's contract to escape death for 5 seconds.
MP Cost: 750 MP
Cooldown Time: 120 seconds
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
FateImmunity to death lasts 3 seconds longer.
LinkWhen the effect of Devil's Contract ends, 40% of your health will be regained.
DeathReduces cooldown by 45 seconds and you will not be affected by status effects.