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Blueprint Materials by Slot PieceEdit

To find out how to get the materials in this table, visit the Blueprint Materials page.

Notes: 1: For hunters, the material requirements for the RH Weapon (quiver) & LH Weapon (bow) blueprints are reversed. (The "RH Weapon" mats are actually for the "LH Weapon" slot piece and vice versa. This applies only to these two hunter pieces.)

Level 70 - Consolidated Blueprints Table (All Classes)
Sources: Dungeons (npc, bosses, chests), Elite Treasure Chests, Guild Dungeon, Auction, etc.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Icon SagesSoulstone
Sage's Soulstone 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8
Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal 18 12 20 12 20 12 32 24 150
Arcane Pendant
Arcane Pendant 30 30
Dirty Armor
Dirty Armor 32 32
Dull Earrings
Dull Earrings 25 25
Elven Hair
Elven Hair 28 28
Exquisite Cloth
Exquisite Cloth 32 32
Magic Flute
Magic Flute 32 32
Magic Harp
Magic Harp 32 32
Slender Bone
Slender Bone 32 32
Sources: Lv 70 [Event] Alchemist's Request, Guild Workshop, Auction.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Arcane Shadow Diamond
Arcane Shadow Diamond 2 2
Icon ElvenRing
Elven Ring 2 2 4
Elven Tears
Elven Tears 2 2 4
Icon SourceoftheFallen
Source of the Fallen 2 2
Icon SagesCape
Sage's Cape 2 2 4
Sources: Ressource nodes in Jade Sanctuary and Fallen Swamps, Auction.
Icon Blueprint
Blueprint MaterialsHeadHandsChestWaistLegsFeetRH
Ancient Bone
Ancient Bone (Skin of the King node)


28 48
Green Jade
Green Jade (Azure Ore node) 20 10 28 24 82
Tough Branches
Tough Branches (Jade Wood node) 12 12 20 24 68
Azure Ore
Azure Ore 35 32 67
Jade Wood
Jade Wood 48 25 73
Skin of the King
Skin of the King 48 25 73


  • When you collect all the ingredients, just click on the blueprint, click on "Use" and then on "Craft".
  • If you are missing materials, you can click the "Craft All" button and spend cash to buy the missing materials and proceed with the item production! The cash costs may vary according to the level of the blueprint.

Blueprint SourcesEdit

Level 70 (All Classes)
Slot Piece Source
All slots
(All classes)
♦ Arena Mall (3,000 BP per blueprint)
♦ Auction (sold by other players)
Head slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] Ley Line Source
Hands slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] Forgotten Temple
Chest slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] Subterranean Prison
Waist slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] Abyssal Quarry
Legs slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] The Infernal City
Feet slot
(All classes)
[Dungeon] Abandoned Cellar
RH Weapon slot (Knight, Mage, Priest)
LH Weapon slot (Hunter)
[Dungeon] Eternal Astral Realm
LH Weapon slot (Knight, Mage, Priest)
RH Weapon slot (Hunter)
[Dungeon] The Proving Grounds

Armor SetsEdit

[Knight] - Ironwill TrappingsEdit

[Hunter] - Skyshadow WardEdit

[Mage] - Soulmate's PromiseEdit

[Priest] - The ImmortalEdit