Ancient Legends of the Elves say that this is where the ancient Earth guardian resides.

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Dungeon OverviewEdit

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Ley Line Source - Map

Dungeon Level: 55

Attempts per day:
5 (or more, according to your STAR level.)
+1 attempt in Heroic difficulty.

Bosses: Zane
Mini-bosses: none
Chests: 2

Dungeon AccessEdit

If you want to solo, talk to Jaggad in Dark Rainforest.
If you want to go with a group, you can open Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

Select one of 4 difficulties: EasyHardElite or Heroic.

The Heroic difficulty is available only to level 70+ characters.

Loot by DifficultyEdit


Level 50 ArmorEdit

  • Armageddon set pieces (Knight)
  • Manticore set pieces (Hunter)
  • Asmodeus set pieces (Mage)
  • Abaddon set pieces (Priest)

Lv 55 Accessories/JewelryEdit

  • Dragonslayer Medallion (necklace, Phys/Magic Attack 81-97)
  • Soul Collector (ring, Phys/Magic Defense 74-88)

Lv 50 Grade A Set BlueprintsEdit

(Head, RH Weapon & LH Weapon slots only)