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"This is a malevolent pet from the underworld. Few ever live to see such creatures and fewer still ever tame them."

The Lorvat is the evil counterpart of the angelic Pavas pet.

Pets Lorvat 3stages IGGDE

The three stages of the Lorvat pet. (Image credits to the IGG DE website: Source)

Pet DetailsEdit

  • IGG website events (price: coupons, cash or cash purchases)
  • "Fuse" menu with Pet Island shards (Cost of fusion: 100 x Grade B Pet Shards)
Initial Grade: Grade B
Highest Grade :
(with training)
Grade A
Pets Demonic Icon 30x30
Demonic: Target's DEF and MDEF are 15% less effective against Pet's attacks.
Attack Mode: Ranged/Magical
Attack Range: 516

Default Skill:
(attack when not using Pet Skill)

Magic Blast:Inflicts (100% MATK) magic damage upon a single target.

Pet SkillEdit

Disable Magical
Cooldown Time: ? seconds
Casting Range: ???
[Active/Magical/Single] Summons lightning to deal [A] DMG +[B]% MATK. Also has a 20% chance to reduce Movement Speed by 50% for 2 seconds.
Pet: Lorvat

Pet Skill Progression by Star LevelEdit

Star Lvl [A]
(+% MATK)
I 30 100
II 39 101
III 50 102
IV 65 103
V 84 104
VI 109 105
VII 141 106
VIII 183 107
IX 237 108

Other ImagesEdit

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