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NPCs in Forrester City.

There are two types of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the game. First, there are "enemy" NPCs that the character can attack in areas, dungeons or events, etc. Then, there are "friendly" NPCs that cannot be attacked by players and that serve different functions in the game. They allow access to shop menus, events or dungeon areas. Others issue quests or are part of quest chains.

The friendly NPCs in the game can be found by browsing the Map (M) menu but sometimes it is not clear what they do exactly. Their roles will be explained here.

Note: The (X, Y) locations of these NPCs are not indicated here since you can easily Auto-Path/Teleport to them from your Map (M) menu.

NPCs by RoleEdit

Daily Quest IssuersEdit

  • Guard Captain : Issues "The Deadliest Hunt" daily quest. (Limit: 5 attempts per day.)
  • Vincent : Issues the "Royal Duty" quest. (No daily limit.)
  • Guild Admin : Issues guild quests. (Limit: 10 attempts per day.)
  • Cecilia : Issues the Escort Quest, part of the "A Dangerous Journey" event. (Limit: 3 attempts per day.)
  • Herman the Guard: Issues the daily quest "The Game" to players below level 50.

Merchant NPCsEdit

  • Tidal Town
    • General Merchant
    • Potion Merchant
    • Weapon Merchant
    • Armor Merchant
    • Jewelry Merchant
  • Forrester City
    • Pet Merchant
    • General Merchant
    • Potion Merchant
    • Armor Merchant
    • Jewelry Merchant
    • Teleport Scrolls
  • Olivia
    • Jewel Merchant
    • Weapon Merchant
    • Armor Merchant
    • Beast Master
    • General Merchant
    • Alchemist
    • Herbologist
  • Inner Fortress
    • General Merchant
    • Potion Merchant

Event AccessEdit


Castia Corridor

Dungeon AccessEdit

Special Area AccessEdit

  • Annie in Tidal Town grants access to "Anabelle's Dream" area for a low level quest chain.
  • Adelaide in Castia Corridor grants access to "Whitepeak Mountains" area, after completing the quest "[Side] A Friendly Visit [45]".
  • Bard in Fallen Swamps grants access to the "Forbidden Lands" area, after completing the "[Side] A Test of Metal [65]" quest.
  • Eileen Sibil in Holy Grounds grants access to the "Valley of Death" area, after completing a quest.
  • Bard in Crater Plains grants access to the "Moonlight Island" area, after completing a quest.

Forrester City NPCsEdit