In Wings of Destiny, each pet has a unique skill that can potentially give the character or the pet an advantage. It could be under the form of a bonus to stats, a special attack or a debuff that weakens the enemies, etc. As the pet's star level increases (see the Pet Enhancement section), the pet skill effects also improve.

Below is a table of the pet skills:

Pet Skills TableEdit

Pet Pet Skill Type Description
Amon Mutate Active/Physical/Area Temporarly increases Amon's ATK and Movement Speed.
Ankerrui Torrent Crush Active/Physical/Single Inflicts percent of ATK as DMG on the target with every attack.
Anubis Solar Flare Active/Physical/Single Deals ATK DMG (+ a % of current ATK as DMG) to target, reducing target's healing abilities by a %.
Arctos Killer Edge Active/Physical/Single Increases CRIT DMG rate by a %.
Audacia Razor Fang Active/Physical/Single Deals severe damage to enemy target regardless of target's defense.
Carol Pudding Active/Physical/Single Deals an amount of DMG + a % of current ATK DMG. The next hit the target takes will automatically deal Critical DMG.
Celestia Passion Passive/Magical/Single Increases DMG &and Max HP by a %.
Centaurian Haze Active/Magical/Single Reduces the target's HIT and EVA by (2% x Star level) for 10 seconds.
Chuckie Arrow of Love Active/Magical/Single Pacifies an enemy with an arrow of love, preventing the use of any skills for a few seconds. Has a cooldown time and a casting range.
Chupacabra Rabid Slash Active/Physical/Single A devastating blow that deals DMG for a period of time.
Clare Voyance Pumpkin Smash Active/Magical/Single Launches a pumpkin towards the target, dealing MDMG. Also has a chance to inflict Dazed effect.
Dantalian Curse Active/Magical/Single Target receives a +x% DMG from all attacks for a few seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.
Dirge Persona Active/Physical/Single Deals DMG x[multiplier] to a target and heals itself by a % for 8 seconds.
Draconus Bone Pierce Active/Physical/Single Unleashes piercing bones to reduce target movements by X % every 2 secs for 8 seconds.
Drakeling Burn Active/Magical/Single Drains MP from target and reduces its Movement Speed for 9 seconds.
Drogerion Terra Guard Active/Physical/Area Deals [A] (+[B]% ATK) physical damage to multiple targets and makes the pet invincible for [C] seconds.
Efreet Malaise Active/Physical/Single Reduce target's CRIT and CRIT DMG by a % for a few seconds.
Fedora Lithe Active/Magical/Single Attacks against the player for x seconds won't be critical. Cooldown: 30 secs
Fenix Fireant Active/Magical/Single Summons a fireant to attack the target, dealing a % of pet's MATK + MDMG every 2 seconds for a few seconds.
Flameras Fool's Fire Active/Magical/Single Weakens the target, deals MDMG (+ a % of current MATK as MDMG) and reduces the target's SPD by a percent for a certain amount of time.
Gaius Feast Active/Physical/Single Deals [x times] DMG to a target with a certain % or more of its Max HP.
Garuda Nirva Active/Magical/Single Inflicts MATK (+ a % of current MATK) on target, and cause dazed for a few seconds; recover a % of Max HP.
Genie Abusement Active/Magical/Single Deals a % of MATK + a % of base HP as MDMG to enemy.
Gladiator Doubleshot Active/Physical/Single a % chance to deal double damage.
Harpy Accelerate Active/Physical/Single Increases Movement Speed by a % for a few seconds.
Hexate Blood Strength Active/Physical/Single Deals huge DMG to a single target and increases your DMG by a fixed percent for a certain amount of time.
Icarus Destroy Active/Physical/Single Charges at target to deal DMG. If target's HP is less than a certain amount, the skill deals additional DMG.
Jabberwock Golden Roar Active/Physical/Area Inflicts high DMG to enemies in area of effect, generates 200% aggro and reduces enemies' ATK. Last for 6 secs. Cooldown: 12 secs.
Kringle Aura Gambit Active/Physical/Single Grants a random buff.
Lorvat Disable Active/Magical/Single Summons lightning to deal MDMG with a chance to temporarily reduce target's Movement Speed.
Luxos Moon Beam (or Moonwalk) Active/Physical/Single Teleports to target, deals ATK DMG, and inflicts Dazed (or stun) for a short time.
Mallace Earth Quake Active/Physical/Area Deals DMG +a % of ATK and inflicts Dazed for 1 second.
Micah Stealth Paw Active/Magical/Single Removes conditions and allows player to dodge one attack. Cooldown time varies.
Mirusla Petrify Active/Magical/Single Deals DMG (+ a % of current  MATK as MDMG) and inflicts Dazed for a few seconds. Has a cooldown.
Morphin Gear Bust Active/Magical/Single Inflict "ATK" (+a % of current ATK) on target, disregarding target's DEF; For a few seconds, a % of DMG received recovers HP instead.
Panzer Beast Wrath Active/Physical/Single Deals DMG (+ a % of current ATK as DMG) to target and negates incoming attacks for 3 seconds. Has a cooldown.
Pavas Damnation Active/Magical/Single Cooldown: 1 sec. Range 200. Deals severe damage damage if target is less than 50%.
Pennance Killer Instinct Active/Magical/Single Increases player's CRIT and CRIT DMG by a % for a few seconds.
Pierseas Bubble Arrow Passive/Physical/Single

Reduces DMG target deals by 2% and increases DMG target take by 2% for 6 seconds. Stacks [1 x star level] times.

Poseidon Ocean Wrath Active/Physical/Single Deals DMG + a % of ATK and a % of ATK as continuous DMG, and reduces HP Regen by a % for a few seconds.
Rayden Fire Storm Active/Magical/Area Summons a fire storm to deal area of effect MDMG.
Raygoul Scorching Breath Active/Magical/Single Every attack deals MATK DMG to a target and increases DMG dealt to the target for a short amount of time.
Revenant Reaper Active/Physical/Single Each attack causes target to receive a temporary Mark of the Reaper debuff. If Mark of the Reaper debuffs stack enough times, they will be removed and target will be temporarily Dazed.
Saulos Frostbite Active/Magical/Single Deals DMG (+ a % of MATK) MDMG, inflicts "Dazed" (effect) for 2 seconds, and reduces (the target's) healing ability by a % for 6 seconds.
Scylla Witherwane Active/Magical/Single Reduces target's DEF and MDEF by a % for a few seconds.
Seth Pet Heal Active/Magical/Single Grants the Heal Factor buff each time the pet attacks. Recovers a percentage of Max HP when buffs are stacked.
Shivra Ice Shackle Active/Magical/Single Reduces target's Movement Speed by a % for a few seconds.
Snarley Razor Fang Active/Physical/Single Deals severe damage to enemy target regardless of target's defense.
Stark Pulse Strike Active/Physical/Single Knocksback target and deals a base amount of damage + a percentage of ATK as DMG.
Steatoda Web of Imprisonment Active/Magical/Single Paralyzes the enemy and inflicts continuous damage for a few seconds.
Tybalt Bloodleap Active/Physical/Single Teleport to your target and deal DMG + a % or pet's ATK.
Wyvern Holy Barrier Active/Physical/Single Negates all DMG for player for a specific period of time.
Zagan Ram Rush Active/Physical/Single (The pet) rams into a target, dealing DMG + a % of pet's ATK.
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