Quest giver

There is really no point in making a list of quests, for 2 main reasons:

  • Their number is vast
  • They can all be done without thinking

Types of questsEdit

  1. Main Quests - follows the storyline
  2. Side Quests - not important for the story, but gets you nice rewards
  3. Daily Quests - always the same for the same rewards.
  4. Guild Quests - 4 different types, helps you get reputation and guild experience.

How to get a questEdit

Sample - Quest Box

Look for any NPC in your surroundings with a yellow question mark above their head.

Or you can simply hover your mouse over the Quest Box displayed on the right side of the screen (where all your current quests are displayed) and click on the Available button. It will show you all your possible quests. Click on the yellow name and your character will automatically head to the quest giver. There is a faster of getting to the NPC - using a Wing Tip. This will be explained below.

How to complete a questEdit

You will encounter various quests, most of them can be finished very quickly and with no sweat. Just click on the yellow words that will appear on the right side of the screen (in the Quest Box).

Usually it is a name of the person you should seek, monsters you should kill or an item you should pick up. After clicking them your character will go to the right place by himself/herself. By clicking on a yellow tag (name, target, items to retrieve, etc), your character will automatically walk or "auto-path" to the objective, crossing all areas between your current location and the location of your target.

If you don't want to "auto-path" to your target, you can click on the Wing Tip Icon (the winged boot icon beside a name) to teleport to it. It will take you to the desired place instantly but will consume 1 Wing Tip as well.


The rewards is always coins and EXP, sometimes an item (max. 5 items for a single quest). Sometimes you have to choose one item from 2 - 5 available items to be able to claim your reward.