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This ancient land can be entered at any time (from 00:00 to 24:00 server time).

Level: 1-110. (Best suited for level 74+ players)


The residents of Moonlight Island had erected a building called Septa Sacrarium atop the ruins left behind by the Naga. The silent tomb stirred to life when a piece of the Wings of Destiny fell here. Now the Chaos Tyrant that had once slumbered for centuries within the Sacrarium rampages through its halls!


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Some of these rewards are dropped by the "mini-bosses" and/or Field Boss Chaos Tyrant:

  • Runestone
  • Runestone Pack (Runestone x250)
  • Guardian Fragment
  • Transmutation Stone I (used for upgrading Lv 70 equipment)
  • Mount Catalyst (for enhancing mounts)
  • Dragon Essence (for upgrading/elevating Lv 70+ equipment)
  • Level 78-79 grade S accessories:
    • Bewitching Eye (Lv 78 Grade S necklace, Physical & Magic Attack +292-584)
    • Dark Vortex (Lv 79 Grade S ring, Physical & Magic Defense+266-532)
    • Ring of the Abyss (Lv 79 Grade S ring, Physical & Magic Defense +266-532)
  • Level 70 grade A weapons for transcencance classes.