Boss Sinadra Preview


    • You must talk to Captain Andy (location X:183, Y:27) in Inner Fortress to access this ancient land. The "Use Wing Tips" function from the "Boss" tab of the Daily Events menu (U) will lead you to this NPC. He appears on page 2 of the Boss tab.
    • Entering the area will make you start at the first floor (1F), you must cross all floors until you get to this boss.
  • Respawn Rate: 27 hours (after its death)
  • HP: 75,000,000
  • MP: ????


  • (unknown)


  • Sealed Fang (Lv 88 necklace)
  • Chronomantia (Lv 89 ring)
  • Ring of the Black Dragon (Lv 89 ring)
  • Guardian Fragment
  • Transmutation Stone II
  • Coin Chest III (200,000 coins)
  • Lv 2 Lucky Rune
  • Mount Catalyst
  • Equipment Essence III
  • Dragon Essence