Class Icon Stalker
The Stalker class is one of the two transcendence classes available to a Hunter at level 70.

Once this transcendence class is chosen, a character can choose to specialize in the other transcendance class at any time for 100 cash from the "Skills" menu (shortkey: J).

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Class Details: Advance to Stalker to increase ATK by 15% and EVA by 15%.

New Skills: [Twilight Arrow], [Stealth] & [Dark Soul].

New SkillsEdit

Single-Target / Summon SkillEdit

[Twilight Arrow]

Twilight Arrow - Correct
Fires a dark arrow at the target, dealing physical damage and summoning a skeletal archer to fight by your side for 5 seconds.
The skeletal archer's ATK will be 50% of the Stalker's ATK.
MP Cost: 50 MP
Cooldown Time: 8 seconds
Casting Range: 550
 Rune effects (each rune skill use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
TA - Rune 1
Rune 1: Plague

Twilight Arrow deals continuous damage.
Can be stacked a max of 3 times for 20 seconds.

TA - Rune 2
Rune 2: NecromancySummons a powerful skeletal archer for 3 seconds. The skeletal archer's attack is 80% that of the caster's ATK.
TA - Rune 3
Rune 3: EnslaveTwilight Guardians will no longer attack enemies but will recover 500 + 5% HP every 2 seconds.

Survival SkillEdit


Stealth - Correct
Hide within the shadows so that your enemies cannot sense you and cannot target you.
Effect Duration: 7 seconds
MP Cost: 120 MP
Cooldown Time: 35 seconds
 Rune effects (each rune skill use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
S - Rune 1.1
Rune 1: FocusIncreases Stealth's attack by 20% at the cost of all defenses.
S - Rune 2.1
Rune 2: CounterReduces cooldown of Stealth by 2 seconds, but reset every 3 seconds to a max of 9 seconds.
S - Rune 3.1
Rune 3: SneakIncreases Movement Speed by 50%, and recovers 1% Max HP every second.

Buff SkillEdit

[Dark Soul]

Dark Soul - Correct
Increase the effect of EVA and HIT by 200% for 6 secs.Effect Duration: 6
MP Cost: 300 MP
Cooldown Time: 25 seconds
 Rune effects (each rune skill use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
DS - Rune 1.1
Rune 1: ShadowIncreases duration of Dark Soul by 50%.
DS - Rune 2.1

Rune 2: Devour

Any pets summoned will be consumed and will recover 30% of caster's Max HP.
DS - Rune 3.1
Rune 3: AgilityIncreases HIT and EVA by 400%.