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The Blueprint for this item can be found during the Recover the Wings event. It is a set item of level 30 knight gear alled Suppressor Set.


Physical Defense 45 - 54

Magic Defense 21 - 25

Produces 3 random attributes

What you needEdit

10x Heathen Emblem

10x Shadow Skin

15x Dried Pelt

5x Dark Mineral

2x Bright Mark

When you collect all the ingredients, just click on the blueprint, click on "Use" and then on "Craft".

Note: If you don't have all the ingredients, you can use the "Craft All" button and use some cash even to proceed with the item production!

Whole setEdit

To complete the set and get the bonus, you need also:

Suppressor Gloves

Suppressor Sash

Suppressor Boots

For wearing 2 items of this set you get bonus: STR +15, VIT +4

For wearing 4 items of this set you get bonus: STR +29, VIT +6