The Infernal City is a dungeon your character can enter at level 40 and above.

You can access this instance 5 times a day (or more, according to your STAR level.)

There are 3 bosses - Vlad , Elizabeta and Queen Delu .

Dungeon DetailsEdit

Map Infernal City

The Infernal City - Map


The demons have shown the necromancers of the Hilda Empire the path to eternal life. These necromancers, looking to test this magic, built a necropolis.

Server TimeEdit

00:00-24:00 (at any time)


If you want to solo, talk to Madeline´s Ghost in the Holy Grounds area (x:29 y:186).

If you want to go with a group, you can open Team Finder and join an existing one or start your own.

Select one of 4 difficulties: Easy, HardElite or Heroic.

(The Heroic difficulty is only available to level 70 characters and above.)


Knight Level 40Edit

  • Black Rider's Set (Blueprint)
  • "Fallen One's / Fallen" Items
  • Phantasm Items

Hunter Level 40Edit

  • Black Wasp Carapace (Blueprint)
  • Fraudster Items
  • Sniper Items

Mage Level 40Edit

  • Spirit Dancer´s Beat (Blueprint)
  • Caster Items
  • Illusionist Items

Priest Level 40Edit

  • Spirit Summoner´s Attire (Blueprint)
  • Ludis' Items
  • Vampire Items

Level 45 AccessoriesEdit

  • Meditator Pendant
  • Ring of Exile
  • Sapphire Necklace
  • Fraudster Ring

Lv 40 MaterialsEdit

(used to craft Lv 40 set equipment)

  • Decayed Tooth (Grade D, white item)
  • Iron of Decay  (Grade D, white item)
  • Remains of the Dead (Grade D, white item)
  • Silent Breath (Grade D, white item)
  • Essence of Death (Grade B, blue item)
  • Heart of Defeat (Grade A, purple item)