Class Icon Warlock
The Warlock class is one of the two transcendence classes available to a Mage at level 70.

Once this transcendance class is chosen, a character can choose to specialize in the other transcendence class at any time for 100 cash. 

Transcending into a Warlock offers a higher MATK bonus and new debuff skills that are ideal for PvP as opposed to Sage which provides better survivability and high damage AoE spells.

Class Details: Advance to Warlock to increase MATK by 15% and Max MP by 15%.

New Skills: [Time Trap], [Mind Seal] & [Energy Blast].

New SkillsEdit

Area Of Effect SkillsEdit

Icon TimeTrap
 [Time Trap]  Magical
Enemies caught within the Time Trap will have their movement speed reduced by 90% for 5 seconds. Range of 280.
MP Cost: 200 MP
Cooldown Time: 20 seconds
Casting Range: 500
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.)  >>>
Icon Missing
WearyReduces damage dealt by 90%.
Icon Missing
RefineIncreases caster's INT by 20% for 15 seconds.
Icon Missing
SealReduces target's received healing effects by 90%.
Icon MindSeal
 [Mind Seal]       Magical
Click on the map to cast Mind Seal with a range of 300. All affected targets cannot use their skills for 5 seconds.
MP Cost: 300 MP
Cooldown Time: 50 seconds
Casting Range: 500
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
Icon Missing
HandicapReduces target's DEF and MDEF by 20%.
Icon Missing
MagicCauses targets to lose 8% MP per second. Also inflicts Dazed for 2 seconds if MP falls below 40%.
Icon Missing
EndureIncreases effect by 1 second. Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds.

Survival SkillsEdit

Icon EnergyBlast
[Energy Blast] Magical
The Warlock unleashes a blast of energy that resets the cooldown of Lighting Strike, Fireball, Teleport and Magic Shield and removes their cooldowns for the next 6 seconds. However, they will use 3 times as much MP.
MP Cost: 500 MP
Cooldown Time: 40 seconds
 Rune effects (each use consumes 3 runestones.) >>>
Icon Missing
UnleashIncreases effect duration by 4 seconds. Increases cooldown by 10 seconds.
Icon Missing
HasteGrants immunity to debuffs and recovers 3% Max HP per second.
Icon Missing
GravityIncreases MATK by 20%. Reduces energy channeled by 2 seconds.